Digital Sonifier - Branson 450

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      ACBC LAB, SAN, Arzanah Building ,LAB 017

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    The Sonifier includes the same features as the analog units, but also take advantage of benefits of digital technology. Branson Sonifier ultrasonic cell disruptor/homogenizers are versatile laboratory units suitable for a broad range of liquid processing applications such as: Cell disruption, Nano particles, Chip assay, Emulsification, Homogenization, Cell Lysing, Processing DNA & Proteins, Acceleration of reactions, Leaching & extraction, Fine mixing, Degassing. The digital Sonifier system features: -450D digital ultrasonic processor. -Auto tune plus Memory (AT/M) - provides fully-automatic tuning and stores frequency at the end of each cycle. -Multiple modes of operation - continuous, pulsed, timed, and temperature end-point. -Digital timer (9 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds). -Amplitude is adjustable from 10-100%. -User I/O offers remote start/stop control and the ability to view temperature, amplitude, and power values during experiments. -Automatic end-of-cycle shutoff using limit parameters. -Self-diagnostics on start-up. -Twenty user-programmed presets for convenience. -The acoustic enclosure which minimizes the mechanical noise by 25db. -Micro tips tapered 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 for 1/2 horn and 1/8 double step only.


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