Digital Penetrometer

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      Main Campus - Lab No. C00028 Ayman Mahmoud

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    Used to determine the consistency of a bituminous sample under fixed conditions of load, time and temperature. The penetration is expressed in distance of tenths of millimeters vertically penetrated by a standard needle. The standard penetrometer is ruggedly constructed, with an aluminium base table with levelling screws, plated vertical rod, “micrometric vertical adjustment device”. The slider is brass made with free fall. The digital readout of the penetration values has readings in mm and inch, with 0.01 mm resolution, LCD 5 digits display, with zero set in any position. The penetrometer is supplied with stop and release push button, automatic zero set, micrometer adjustment, set of weights 50 and 100 g penetration needle, brass sample cups diameter 55x35 mm and 70x45 mm.


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