Digital Microscope (KH7700 / Hirox)

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      Lab 1-005, First Floor, ADRIC, SAS Al-Nakhil Campus

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    The HIROX KH-7700 Digital Video Microscope is an optical inspection microscope used to image objects with rough surfaces or irregular topology, do optical comparisons, measure feature sizes in 2 or 3 dimensions, generate 3D profiles, and view objects from multiple perspectives. The optics are optimized for digital imaging, and it has a significantly larger depth of field than conventional optical microscopes. The total pixels is 2.11 Mega-pixels 1688 (H) x 1248 (V) and the mode of scanning is progressive. The light source is a 60 W Metal Halide Lamp. The system is equipped with a mid-range straight zoom lens, having magnification range from 50x to 400x (MXG-5040RZ) with an auto select magnification select function. The working distance of the lens ranges from 54 to 63 mm and the depth of field is from 2.7 - 0.08 mm. Key Features • 2D & 3D Measurements • 3D Image Rendering • 3D Profile • Height Measurement • Volume Measurement • Auto Multi Focus • Auto Calibration Select (with ACS Lens) • Split Images • Image Comparison • Auto Focus • Timer Record (Still & Dynamic image)


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