Core flooding system including a dual core-holder with multi-orientation (tri axial

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    The MAT 700 System is designed to perform tests on core plug samples to aid the reservoir engineer in studying fluid flow through sample reservoir rocks at reservoir temperature and pressure conditions. The MAT 700 is also designed to perform tests with acid. The MAT 700 can also be used to calculate effective permeability to oil ahead of the flood front, residual oil content after water flood, and the effective permeability to water behind the flood front. These data are used with permeability distribution and injection pattern efficiency to make predictions of reservoir performance. The pressure control system including oven, pumps, valves, core holder, and transducers are mounted on specific cabinets and need to be supplied with 100 psi compressed air. Operation of the system is controlled through a computer. The software included with the system is designed to allow for automated data acquisition.


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