Concentrator Plus Eppendorf

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      ACBC LAB,SAN ,Arzanah Building ,LAB 017

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    The concentrator plus has an advanced heating technology provides best treatment for your sample which assures quick, efficient and gentle vacuum concentration of DNA/RNA, nucleotides, proteins and other liquid or wet samples. The concentrator plus is composed of an integrated solvent-resistant, maintenance and oil-free PTFE pump, and condensation trap. The concentrator has fixed-angle rotor with capacity of 48 x 1.5/2.0mL tubes. The Concentrator offers: -Choice of 3 operation modes (vacufuge, centrifuge, and desiccator) for a variety of application needs -Choice of three application modes (aqueous, alcohol or high vapor pressure) to correspond with sample solvent reduction of processing time up to 20% -Choice of 4 heating levels (ambient, 30°C, 45°C, 60°C) allows safe and efficient concentration of various samples -Brake function can optionally be turned off for use with delicate samples


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