Chromium X Series for Single Cell Analysis

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    The Chromium X Series is a state-of-the-art platform engineered for high-throughput single-cell analysis. This system, at the forefront of single-cell genomics, enables researchers to interrogate individual cells on a massive scale, unlocking intricate details of cellular heterogeneity, function, and molecular processes. Its ability to capture and analyze thousands to millions of cells in a single run has revolutionized areas of research, including oncology, immunology, and developmental biology. The unit offers detailed insights into the transcriptome, genome, or epigenome of individual cells; Employs advanced microfluidics and barcoding technology to capture and process thousands to millions of cells in parallel; Allows for flexible scaling, from analyzing a few cells to millions, depending on the specific research needs; Comes with a comprehensive set of software tools tailored for data analysis, visualization, and interpretation of single-cell datasets; Supports multiple single-cell applications including single-cell RNA sequencing, single-cell ATAC sequencing, and more; Streamlines the process of single-cell capture, barcoding, library preparation, and sequencing; Uses unique microfluidic chips to encapsulate single cells and molecular barcodes into nanoliter-scale Gel Bead-In-Emulsions (GEMs). Applications: Transcriptomics; Cell Type Identification; Pathway Analysis; Disease Profiling; Developmental Studies; Tumor Microenvironment Analysis


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