ChemiDoc MP Gel Imaging System-BioRad

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    The ChemiDoc MP Gel Imaging System by BioRad is a versatile imaging device tailored for the visualization and documentation of gels and western blots. Incorporating advanced imaging technology, the system captures high-quality images across various detection methods, ensuring accurate and reproducible results for molecular biology and proteomics researchers. The ChemiDoc MP is designed to image chemiluminescent, fluorescent, and colorimetric samples, making it highly versatile for various laboratory applications. With its high-quality camera and optics, the system captures detailed and clear images, ensuring precise data interpretation. Integrated with BioRad's stain-free gel imaging capability, researchers can visualize proteins in gels without the need for time-consuming staining and destaining steps. Features multiple illumination sources, such as UV, white, and blue LED lights, catering to different gel and membrane types. Enables accurate quantification of proteins and nucleic acids in gels and blots, reducing subjectivity in analysis.


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