Carver Auto CH - NE Press

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      Electrochemistry Lab - Building 1B, Undercroft, Hibay 7

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    Carver Auto CH - NE Press is a hydraulic laboratory press that is able to apply 15 US tons of clamping force on a work area of 6" x 6" platen. It can be used for sample preparations of batteries electrode or for general pressing purpose. Clamping force = 15 US tons or 13607 kg. Minimum 1,000 lbs or 454 kg. Daylight opening = 0" - 14" Factory Set @ 4 1/2" Stroke = 6" Two (2) fully threaded columns Self-contained 1/4 HP hydraulic unit Two (2) 6" x 6" electrically heated platens Temperature range: up to 170 °C (when high pressing pressure is used) and up to 343 °C (when low pressing pressure is used)


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