Carbonate analyzer - Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer, Kiel IV-Dual Inlet MAT253 Plus

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      Lab 1-003, ADRIC, Sas-Al-Nakhl campus

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    The KIEL IV Carbonate Device coupled to the 10-kV Thermo Scientific MAT 253 isotope ratio mass spectrometer meets the requirements of such work by providing the highest linearity at highest sensitivity, while enabling high throughput through full automation of the analytical process, from the reaction to the reporting of measurement results. • Unique temperature controlled reaction cabinet for ultimate isotope precision of carbonates • Two independent reaction lines with acid dosing valves for high sample throughput • New microvolume ensuring viscous flow of CO2 from small samples of carbonate • “Fast bellows” strategy reducing CO2 sample consumption during standard-to-sample pressure adjustment • Total process control and data log file for complete insight to all preparation and measurement processes at any time • Time slicing for realtime information of data acquisition with a resolution up to 80 data points per integration cycle MAT253 Dual Inlet Analytical Performance With a sample size of > 20 μg for MAT 253 or > 40 μg for DELTA V and MAT 253, the following performance for one fuIl autosampler run (46 sampIes) will be achieved. External Precision 1 σ Carbon (13C/12C) 0.04‰ Oxygen (180/160) 0.08‰ KIEL: Compressed Air 350 to 500 kPa (50 to 75 psi) Gases Helium, about 15 mL per sample (for pressurized release of sample containers from reaction position) Power 50/60 Hz Voltage 230 V, single phase, 10 A = 2,200 Watt Environment Ambient temperature between 18 °C and 28 °C, with a relative humidity between 20 and 70% Dimensions 90 cm (width) × 90 cm (depth) × 190 cm (height) Weight Approximately 100 kg (220 lbs) Dual Inlet MAT253 Plus: Mass range 1 – 150 Dalton at 10 kV Resolution CNOS: m/ ∆m = 200 (10 % valley) H/D: m/∆m = 25 (10 % valley)Peak top flatness: Better than 2 x 10-4 Sensitivity 600 molecules CO2 per mass 44 ion at the collector (600 molecules/ion) in the Dual Inlet mode Ion source linearity 0.02 ‰/nA ion current (mass 44) at a sensitivity corresponding to 900 molecules/ion in the Continuous Flow mode Abundance sensitivity: The contribution of the mass 44 intensity to the intensity of mass 45 is less than 2 x 10-6 Sample consumption: 0.031 nmol/s for 1.5 V signal (5 nA) at mass 44 in the Dual Inlet mode 0.047 nmol/s for 1.5 V signal (5 nA) at mass 44 in the Continuous Flow mode Dual Inlet Performance Standard performance data of the Finnigan MAT 253 by viscous flow gas introduction using the Dual Inlet system and changeover valve: page 7


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