BTX™ Gemini X2 High Throughput Electroporation System, 96-well with HT-200

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    The BTX™ Gemini X2 High Throughput Electroporation System is a state-of-the-art instrument designed for the efficient introduction of molecules into cells through electroporation. Paired with the HT-200 96-well electroporation plate handler, the system provides an optimal solution for large-scale, parallel sample processing in research and clinical applications. Engineered to electroporate a wide variety of cell types, from mammalian cells to bacteria, ensuring adaptability to various experimental needs. Designed for 96-well format, the system allows for simultaneous processing of numerous samples, dramatically improving productivity and consistency. Offers precise control over voltage, pulse width, and pulse interval, allowing for optimal electroporation conditions tailored to specific cell types and molecules. Integrated HT-200 Plate Handler to ensure automated, swift, and efficient handling of 96-well plates, reducing manual interventions and enhancing throughput.


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