Bruker Vertex 80v FT-IR

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    Fourier-Transform-Infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy is an excellent solution for Material analysis or gas analysis. IR spectroscopy is a classical technique, which depends upon the interaction of infrared radiation with the vibrating dipole moments of molecules. ATR accessory: Single reflection diamond crystal, all reflective, gold coated optics, no fragile composite material construction Spectral range: 8,000 cm-1 - 10 cm-1 Exchangeable crystal plates Ergonomic one-finger clamp mechanism with pressure control Adjustable and reproducible sample pressure Working distance (max. sample height): 20 mm Rotatable pressure applicator moves out of the way, allowing easy cleaning Easy exchange of QuickLock accessories with automatic recognition, performance test and automatic load of measurement parameters Purgeable and Fully integrated dust-proof cover DRIFT accessory: Praying Mantis from Harrick Scientific


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