Bioanalytical Imaging System Azure 400

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    The Azure 400 is a flexible fluorescent imager that enables three-color fluorescent detection for dyes in the visible range. The Azure 400 is capable of three-channel visible fluorescence detection, which enables sensitive multiplex detection of Western blots, fluorescent biomolecules and Cy2/Cy3/Cy5 or similar fluorochromes. This fluorescent imager allows users to simultaneously image and quantify up to three different targets. he Azure 400 offers 3 channel fluorescent detection for Westerns, chemiluminescent detection with the speed and sensitivity of film, and imaging for standard EtBr and protein gels. In addition to multiplex Westerns, the Azure 400 is a high performance chemiluminescent imager and gel documentation workstation. This fluorescent imager provides accurate and fast chemiluminescent detection, as well as the sensitivity, dynamic range, and linearity needed for quantitative blot analysis.


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