Bertec Instrumented Treadmill

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    The Bertec Instrumented Treadmill is a cutting-edge biomechanical assessment tool used primarily in gait analysis, sports performance optimization, and rehabilitation settings. By integrating force platform technology directly into the treadmill, it offers researchers and clinicians detailed insights into the forces and moments experienced by individuals as they walk or run. Applications: The Bertec Instrumented Treadmill is used in a multitude of settings: -Clinical Gait Analysis: Assists in diagnosing gait abnormalities and assessing the effectiveness of treatment strategies. -Sports Performance: Allows athletes and coaches to analyze and refine running techniques for improved performance and reduced injury risk. -Rehabilitation: Helps physical therapists design and assess rehabilitation protocols, particularly post-surgery or following an injury. -Research: Acts as a key tool in biomechanics, sports science, and rehabilitation research. the Bertec Instrumented Treadmill stands as a premier tool in the world of biomechanical analysis. By seamlessly blending treadmill functionality with advanced force measurement capabilities, it provides unparalleled insights into human movement, benefiting both research and clinical applications.


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