Benchtop Turbidimeter (2100AN / Hach)

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      Lab 1-005, First Floor, ADRIC, SAS Al-Nakhil Campus

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    The Hach 2100AN is a Laboratory Turbidimeter designed for turbidity and attenuation measurement in accordance with International Turbidity Measurement Standards ISO 7027, DIN 38 404. It is a nephelometer with the capability to measure scattered or attenuated light which in turn is used to measure the turbidity of liquid samples. It has a built-in printer and contains a real-time clock with battery. The minimum amount of sample required for each turbidity measurement is 20 mL. Specification: Principle of Operation: Nephelometric Light Source: tungsten lamp Measurement Units: NTU, NEP (Nephelo), EBC, Abs (absorbance), %T (% transmittance), CU (color units) and two user-defined units Ranges: NTU (Ratio on, manual range): 0–0.999, 0–9.99, 0–99.9, 0–10,000 NTU (Ratio on, auto range): 0–10,000 auto decimal NTU (Ratio off): 0–40 Nephelo (Ratio on, manual range): 0–9.99, 0–99.9, 0–67,000 Nephelo (Ratio on, auto range): 0–67,000 auto decimal Nephelo (Ratio off): 0–268 Response Time: 6.8 seconds with signal averaging off or 14 seconds with signal averaging on (based on default setting of 10) Standardization: StablCal Primary Standards