Automatic Refractometer (Abbemat WRHT / Anton Paar)

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      Lab 1-005, First Floor, ADRIC, SAS Al-Nakhil Campus

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    The Abbemat WRHT refractometer is a Heavy Duty refractometer for measuring the refractive index. The refractive index of a pure material is a physical property, which can be used to identify and characterize a sample. The measuring principle is based on critical angle of total reflection measured by shadowline detection with 2048-element linear CCD array and digital data processing. The instrument is capable of handling samples in liquid or semi liquids state. The instrument is controlled by an external PC through AbbematPC software. Specification: Refractive index range: 1.30 to 1.72 nD Resolution for RI: 1x10-6 nD (RI) Brix range: 0 to 100% Brix Resolution: 0.001% Temperature range: 10 -110°C Light Source: High performance LED lamp, average life time >100,000 h Optical Wavelength: 589.3±0.1nm (Sodium) by wavelength adjusted interference filter Materials in Contact with Samples Prism: YAG (Yttrium Aluminium Garnet) Sample mold: Stainless steel, PEEK (WR-HT) Seal: FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer)


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