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    AutoLab 1000 is a servo-hydraulic operated system for hydrostatic measurements of compressional and shear wave velocities, permeability, electrical resistivity, pore volume compressibility on rock specimens up to 50.8 mm (2.0 in) in diameter at in-situ overburden stress, pore pressure and temperature. The AutoLab 1000 optionally can have a load frame. Its design is convenient for routine measurements at reservoir pressures up to 103 MPa (15,000 psi) and temperatures up to 120ËšC (248ËšF). The system can be controlled manually from the electronics console or with the AutoLab software. Dynamic elastic moduli are computed at each stress state using compressional and shear wave velocities. A report detailing results of velocity measurements as a function of stress state is automatically generated. Similar processing modules are included for permeability and electrical resistivity. The processed data are presented in a convenient format.


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