Autoclave 2, Sterilelite 16, Fisher Scientific

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      Lab 1-001, ADRIC, Sas-Al-Nakhl campus

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    Sterilization of compatible materials and fluids Microprocessor control system provides nine fully automatic programs, including add water, sterilization and dry Eight pre-installed sterilization cycles; no custom cycles Two separate water-level check mechanisms: water tank level and chamber water level Auto dry function Pressure door auto-lock device Chamber protected by pressure switch and steam pressure safety valve Vacuum/Pressure Release button cuts off the power supply, exhausts the chamber of pressure, and releases the chamber vacuum simultaneously Indicator lights: DOOR OPEN - Door has not been closed completely; all functions stop LOW WATER - Water level is too low COMPLETE - Full cycle has run properly and is complete Temperature Range (Metric) 121, 135 Celsius Capacity 4.2 gal., 16L Electrical Requirements 220V 50/60Hz Hertz 50/60Hz Voltage 220V Wattage 1400w Weight 48kg Depth Chamber 41cm Depth Outside 58cm Diameter Chamber 23cm Height 41cm Width (Metric) 51cm


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