Asphalt mixture performance tester (AMPT)

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    The Pavetest AMPT is a servo-hydraulically controlled testing machine specifically designed to perform the three asphalt tests developed under NCHRP Projects 9-19 and 9-29: Dynamic Modulus, Flow Number and Flow Time. It is also the prescribed equipment in AASHTO T378-17 Standard Method Test for determining the Dynamic Modulus and Flow Number for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) using the Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (AMPT). In addition, the Pavetest AMPT can also perform AASHTO TP107-17 for determining the Damage Characteristic Curve and Fatigue Analysis Parameters of Asphalt Mixtures in the AMPT, Indirect Tensile Dynamic Modulus, Incremental Repeated Load Permanent Deformation, Semi-circular bend, and Overlay Testing of Asphalt Mixtures.


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