ARC-Asphalt Roller Compactor

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      Main Campus - C Building - Lab No. C00028

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    This Roller Compactor is used to produce representative sample slabs of several dimensions of bituminous mixtures laid and compacted on site. The compaction is performed through a segmented roller with alternated operated rotation which simulates the on-site action of a street roller. The compaction cycle can be programmed in accordance to a certain load or deformation value. The flexibility of the program grants the production of samples with uniform density and dimensions. The sample slabs can be also cored or cut off to obtain cylinders and beams for run test, bending fatigue, indirect tensile, static and dynamic creep, stiffness and 4-point tests. It fully operates with the electro-mechanical system, and therefore it does not require any air source (compressor) or hydraulic pressure. Possibility to heat and control temperature of the Segment Roller mounted on the Compactor and Sliding Carriage to keep the mold warm and avoid thermal shocks that might affect specimen’s workability


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