Amnis CellStream / Benchtop Flow Cytometer

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    Unlike traditional flow cytometers, the Amnis CellStream integrates imaging capabilities. This means that as cells flow through the instrument, images of each cell can be captured, providing a visual confirmation and more information about cell morphology. The CellStream Flow Cytometry System delivers high fluorescence sensitivity with MESF <10 for FITC and MESF <5 for PE; The CellStream System can be configured with 1 to 7 lasers. Laser upgrades are easily performed in the lab with no downtime. his unique camera-enabled feature of the CellStream Acquisition Software allows for population verification, aids in troubleshooting, and resolves doublets; All CellStream Systems are equipped for both single tubes and 96-well plates. On-board fluidics handle all mixing and rinsing steps to give you walkaway, high throughput acquisition; The CellStream Flow Cytometry System contains patented time delay integration (TDI) and camera technology to rapidly capture low-resolution cell images and transform these into high throughput intensity data.


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