Advanced microwave digestion system, Ethos Easy, Milestone SRL

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      Lab 1-001, ADRIC, Sas-Al-Nakhl campus

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    Whole rock and sediment sample digestion system, allows samples to be easily dissolved for chemical analysis. Microwave hardware Single magnetron system with rotating diffuser for homogeneous microwave distribution in the cavity. Magnetron protected from reflected microwave power. Installed power 1.200 watts. Output power up to 1.200 watts, controlled via microprocessor. Large microwave cavity 37 x 34,5 x 33,5 (h) cm. Cavity illumination. Microwave cavity entirely made of 18/8 stainless steel housing with innovative multi-layer PTFE plasma coating applied at over 350°C. All hardware protected against acids/organic solvents with polymer coating both on inside and outside surfaces. Exhaust located in the side of the cavity, separate from electronics to prevent corrosion. Reaction sensors Direct temperature monitoring and control in a reference vessel. Contact-less temperature monitoring and control in all vessels. Direct pressure monitoring and control in a reference vessel. Contact-less pressure monitor and control up to the vessels highest working pressure. Control terminal Monochrome touch-screen industrial grade controller 5” screen. Resolution 240 x 128 dots for sharp process graphic. 1 PS2 port for mouse, 1 RS 484 port for microwave unit, and 1 RS 232 port for external devices. Methods and process reporting data saved on internal memory. Power 220V/50-60Hz, 2,4 kW.


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