Physics and Manufacturability of Advanced Micro and Nano Devices



Explores the impact of physics on nanoscale devices and associated manufacturing challenges. Presents advanced physical models and practical aspects of advanced architecture devices’ front-end microfabrication processes, such as oxidation, diffusion, ion implantation, chemical vapor deposition, atomic layer deposition, etching, and epitaxy. Covers topics relevant to CMOS, bipolar, and optoelectronic device fabrication, including high k gate dielectrics, gate etching, implant-damage enhanced diffusion, advanced metrology, SiGe and fabrication of process-induced strained Si. BEOL Integration and reliability. Studies CMOS process integration concepts for advanced planar and 3D devices with Si, Si-Ge, III-V, 2D material systems. Assess the interaction of device characteristics, processing scheme and the design space. Leading to yield modeling and manufacturability vs. process complexity and the required balancing. Students use modern process simulation tools.

Course period16/01/23 → …