Numerical Simulation of Circuits and Systems



This course covers the theory, algorithms, and best programming practices for the numerical simulation of circuits and systems. Methods for the automatic generation of large-scale circuit netlists are presented, including the nodal, modified nodal, and tableau formulations. Linear DC circuits are solved first using the direct and iterative techniques of numerical linear algebra with emphasis on the sparse nature of the circuit graph. Numerical issues such as stability, pivoting, conditioning, and accuracy are discussed in depth. Next Newton’s algorithm for the DC analysis of non-linear circuits is presented along with the automatic generation of the companion models of nonlinear circuit elements. For transient analysis, the course covers the numerical algorithms for the solution of non-linear ordinary differential equations using first-order and higher-order methods with emphasis on linear multistep methods along with their stability and error theories. Advanced topics related to specialized circuits such as interconnect-dominated or RF circuits will be introduced, and exemplary algorithms from state-of-the-art commercial circuit simulators will be given. This course will appeal to graduate students in both electronics and power engineering.

Course period25/08/19 → …