Advanced Photonic Integrated Circuits



This course covers optical signal processing for photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and discusses state-of-the-art PIC components. The primary focus is being placed on multi-stage filter design and synthesis. Minimum, maximum, and linear-phase filters, optical lattice filters, Fourier filters, and generalized pole-zero architecture. Techniques such as least squares methods for IIR filter designs will be presented. State-of-the-art PIC examples including bandpass/bandstop filters, optical gain equalizer, dispersion compensators, and arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) routers will be discussed in depth. Also included Bragg grating synthesis algorithm using coupled-mode approach. System-level application examples to microwave photonics, sensor networks, and coherent optical detection will be given. In addition to learning filter synthesis methods, students will gain a significant amount of experience in optimizing optical circuits at the subsystem level using MATLAB/Simulink and Lumerical software suite. The above techniques will take into consideration process variations, wavelength, and polarization dependence.

Course period25/08/19 → …